On 28 October the Mosadex Group and Medcor Group signed a letter of intent to develop a more intensive partnership. In specific terms, this means that the Mosadex Group intends to increase its interest in the Medcor Group.

Sister companies Like Fisher Farma, the Medcor Group is a subsidiary of the Mosadex Groep, which specialises in importing and exporting medicines, OTC, diagnostics and medical devices. Both companies will continue to be independently active in the market as sister companies.

Reliable supplies The planned deal will lead to an expansion of the networks for the respective parties in the European Union, which will result in a high degree of supply reliability for clients.

Management Fisher Farma and the Medcor Group will be jointly managed by an overarching Board consisting of Patrick Sturkenboom (Chairman), Chris Piket and Ydo van Veenendaal. Your existing points of contact with these companies will remain unchanged.

Organisation For the time being, both companies will continue to operate independently in the market. We will, of course, be intensifying the collaboration. There will be an overarching Board consisting of Patrick Sturkenboom (Chairman), Chris Piket and Ydo Veenendaal. For the time being there will be no change to the management teams of both companies.

Positive future

This collaboration represents a positive step for the future. Both companies are looking forward to achieving shared success but it will require a lot of hard work from all of us.