Fisher Farma 25 years


On July 9th we celebrate our silver anniversary. Then it's exactly 25 years since the brothers Visser founded Fisher Farma in 1992. In those 25 years we expanded to a company with 200 employees and 2500 products. Looking back.

Maastricht Treaty
The Maastricht Treaty came into force on November 1, 1993, establishing the free movement of goods and people within Europe. This was the reason for the Visser brothers to start Dr. Fisher Farma B.V. in 1992.

Mosadex Groep
Seven years later we were taken over by the listed company Fornix Biosciences N.V. In 2007 we joined Mosadex Groep, a total supplier in the in the (pharmaceutical) care and retail market. Mosadex Groep celebrates her 30th anniversary this year, so a double celebration.

We outgrew our premises so, 3 years later, we relocated to new premises on the Schutweg in Lelystad. Our old location at the Vijzelweg in Lelystad is currently used by our Packing Division. In 2015 we took over Pharmachim AB, a Swedish parallel wholesale. At the end of 2016, the Medcor Group joined.

Specialist in import and export of pharmaceutical products
We are a registered pharmaceutical wholesale company specialized in import and export of medicines, OTC, diagnostics and medical devices through the EU. With 25 years of experience and expertise, we can offer a broad and solid service to national and international partners in healthcare. In our method strict quality standards, sustainable cooperation and the needs the customer are crucial.

We are therefore confident about the next 25 years!