30-year anniversary Mosadex Groep


Fisher Farma is a subsidiary of the Mosadex Groep since 2007. This year the Mosadex Groep celebrates her pearl anniversary. A milestone.

30 years ago five pharmacists decided to start a total supplier in the (pharmaceutical) care and retail market. Partly out of dissatisfaction of the way the existing suppliers directed their market. They wanted a no-nonsense approach with low prices. This seemingly simple proposition proved to be rewarding.


Now Mosadex Groep has become a significance business. Every day more than 1800 employees of Mosadex Groep are working together with 800 pharmacies, 460 Service Pharmacies, 200 chemists and 250 care institutions to provide their service to more than 11 million consumers and patients in the Netherlands.


A pearl is a symbol of happiness. Our mission: more care and less worries for our customers. A pearl also symbolizes wisdom. For us that means knowledge and expertise in the healthcare market. And a pearl is unique and layered, the layers form a solid whole. A metaphor that fits Mosadex Groep.